Aftershokz Trekz Air Review

August 6, 2018

Aftershokz Trekz Air Review


Disclaimer:  I received a pair of Aftershocks Trekz Air in Canyon Red to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador). And check out to review find and write race reviews!


Let me start by saying I already have the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium headphones.  I wore them out of the box without a training run in them for the Chicago marathon last year.  That is how amazing this brand is!  I did not think they could really improve upon an already great product but let me tell you why the Trekz Air is now my go to headphones. 



Upon getting my new delivery they were a breeze to set up to both my tablet (for movies, work conference calls and continuing education) and my phone.  The packaging contains the headphones, case to protect them, ear plugs (in case you don’t want to hear your surroundings like on a plane), and a USB charging cable.  If you have the Trekz Titanium the chargers are compatible.


They are even lighter than the previous version which I did not think was possible.  They weigh in at 1.06 oz.  I can barely feel them over my ears.  You can control all the functions you should need on the headset and not need to pull out your phone while you are on a run.  This is another key safety feature for me as phones in the city are targets for crime.  The right ear side controls your on/off, volume, mute and battery life functions.  The left ear side controls pause/play, skip (song or along a podcast), and phone call functions. 


How does it work for a phone call? 

I am glad you asked.  Unless it is significantly windy the sound is crystal clear.  Even with wind you can hear and the person on the other end can hear you it just might have the sound of wind mixed in.


Can you really hear everything around you? 

Yes, you really can.  If you think you can hear your surroundings with in ear buds you might be surprised to know how much you are missing of your surroundings.  I can hear birds, my footfalls, my breathing, others calling “on your left” or just approaching me, bikes, sirens, leaves rustling just to name a few.  I previously thought I was able to hear well with my old earbuds but I was not only missing out on the nature sounds around me but putting myself in potential danger of not knowing my surroundings.





I sweat & I like running in the rain will these headphones still work?

Yes, I wore them during the rain for the Rock and Roll half marathon in which it rained the entire race in spurts.  I have had no issues at all.  I have also heard of another friend who may have accidentally washed theirs and after they dried out still worked (I recommend you always check your pockets before doing laundry!) Below is me dripping wet I think at mile 3.




I forget to charge my electronics & I also run for hours will these still work for me?

So far I have had my Trekz Air last for me between 6-7 hours.  I am a bit more careful about making sure I power them off when I know I want to use them at intervals during the day and may forget to charge them.  They will power themselves off after a period of time to conserve battery.  Honestly I have no idea how long it takes before they do this but it is not within 30 minutes of most recent use. 


I like to walk around my house while my connected device is charging will these still work?

Yes, I have been able to walk around my entire home and maintain connection.  I do have a one level home but it extends a decent square footage.  It will also work from inside charging of my device and still maintain connection on my deck while I am doing gardening.


I wear hearing aids or have a hearing impairment will this work for me?

So my dad has hearing aids and is able to wear his glasses and hearing aids while using these headphones (I purchased them not a part of BibRave).  These are the only headphones he can do this with.  He loves that now he can actually hear podcasts and watch shows with them as well as take calls without a bulky headset that covers and does not work well with his hearing aids. 

I also have a friend with hearing loss.  These headphones work well for him as the bone conduction allows him to hear where he would otherwise not be able to. If you are unsure if they might work with your hearing loss or devices you use Aftershokz has a 45 day return policy (with original boxing) if you are not satisfied you can return them for a full refund.


Don’t they hurt your ears?

I have had no issues over my ears or on my cheeks with chafing. 




I love these Trekz Air so much and cannot recommend them enough!  If you have questions about what functions you are curious about that I have not answered let me know.  Don’t forget to join us on Tuesday, August 7th at 8pm Central for #BibChat on Twitter.  You may just win a pair of your own. 


If you want a pair for yourself or someone else you can get a great deal now and use code BRBUNDLE to get $55 off the Trekz Air bundle which includes your choice of Trekz air colors (Slate Grey, Forrest Green, Midnight Blue, or Canyon Red), a BibRave trucker hat, shoe bag, sport towel and a cell phone power bank.




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