February 22, 2018

Disclaimer: I am writing about Athlinks as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews! 


In 2017 I started looking more at my data overall in races and health.  Much of this data was around heart rate training and improving my paces.  I have to say I was never great about tracking any of my running prior to 2016.  I had so many missing races and times that I did not have great proof that I improved as a runner. When I heard the BibRave Podcast talk about Athlinks and the ability to claim your race times I was curious.  I have to admit that I thought there would only be races from particular race series loaded and very few of my times would even be in there, I was so wrong.  Athlinks had almost all of my races including ones I have not been able to find my race times for.  If I had known about this site it would have saved me at least half a day looking up all my PR’s! I love having all this information in one easy to find place if I ever should want to look at it. I also love that it links my running friends to me and even prompts me with people I may know.  It makes it easier for me to know who to contact about meeting up during a race event or expo.




All of this is completely free; you just have to create a profile at the website for Athlinks or on their app.  It will then ask you the same information if you were to register for a race. Then any of your results will pop up for you to claim.  You just have to make sure it is you.  I have a very unique name so it is always me (though sometimes my age is off).  You can make your profile private or public so if you do not want to friend people or have friendly competition you do not have to.






Athlinks also allows for competition and rivals which made my husband happy to know he had won once against me in the 5k distance.  For the record that race was my 2nd of 3 during a multiple race event and it was his first on fresh legs.  I try not to get overly competitive but if you are into competition and it drives you it is there for you.  Athlinks is a great free resource give it a try and claim your results today. If you are running Gasparilla this weekend add yourself to the start so we can meet up or have a friendly virtual race. 




Side note:  I am posting my race times they might not be fast for some people but they are my hard work and accomplishments any negative energy is not welcome on this blog, thank you in advance.



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