Pjuractive 2skin Review

February 22, 2018

"Disclaimer: I received Pjuractive to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!"


I am one of the lucky people that usually never have horrible chafe issues.  My trouble with chafing is that when it happens (cue marathon training this summer) it happens in the strangest areas and does not respond to the stick based glides.  I was so excited to try this product for my troubled areas.


I had never heard of Pjuractive prior to BibRave.  The product is made in Germany but is subject to all the US regulations.  In learning about the product it seems more widely known in triathlon and biking than running.  Pjuractive is a gel that is sweat resistant and water resistant.  It forms a protective film on contact.  It is safe to use with any clothing including wetsuits/swimsuits.




When I grabbed my bib and shirt for the Maui Oceanfront Marathon they were giving out samples to try which was perfect as I did not yet have the product in my hands to try.  Upon opening it is smooth and very much a liquid so I suggest putting this on in the bathroom area in case of drips.  A dime sized amount is all you need for most areas. It dried so quickly less than 20 seconds and did not leave any residue or marks on my clothing or body.


The areas I applied it to: feet and toes (the toes always give me issues), sports bra area, underwear region, bridge of my nose, tops of my ears, under my watch, posterior knee and inner thigh.  All of those areas were covered with one sample sized pack! During my race it was hot I was sweaty and I threw water over myself.  The water is usually what causes much of my chafe.  This race I did not have even one spot of chafe.




We also used Pjuractive when we went hiking with cheap water shoes to a local waterfall.  One child let me put some on, the other did not.  The child that did not use the Pjuractive did get blisters around the heel. One note you need to use Pjuractive proactively as it is not for open wounds or blisters once they occur.  Speaking of heels I used it on my trip with dress shoes to avoid blisters and it worked wonderfully. Another way I have tried Pjuractive has been with a heart rate monitor chest strap with running and biking.  It did not alter the monitor output and I did not get any chafe!




So why do I love this product?  It has been the only all in one product I can use for multiple sports or even running for that matter, and not get even one area of chafe.  It does not cause me to breakout on my face.  It does not wear off for me for at least a half marathon distance or if we are going by time over 2.5 hours.  I have not so far needed to reapply any during the race which has not been true of other products I have tried. It also has a more compact travel size that makes packing a breeze.


I will absolutely continue to use this product and I will be purchasing more in the future on my own dime.  I have never seen the product in my local running store but I do know you can order it off their website or my favorite place to shop Amazon.  It is even available as a subscribe and save subscription!

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