Weav Run App Review

December 31, 2017

Disclaimer: The Weav Run app is currently free, but I will be receiving a lifetime subscription in January 2018 as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro(ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find and write race reviews!


I love technology so give me technology that might help me improve my running, sign me up!




The Weav Run app is designed to help improve your cadence without having music sound distorted or chipmunk like at fast beats. The app currently is only for iPhones but is being worked on for Android (a large feat trust me on this).


When you open the app, you can choose whether you’re running indoors or outdoors which is a handy feature to have this time of year!

Then, choose “Detect My Tempo” or “I Know My Tempo.” If you choose “Detect My Tempo,” the music will adjust based on your speed. If you choose “I Know My Tempo,” you set a consistent tempo — or you can change it during the run. You can also move between modes once you start your run.

With “Detect My Tempo,” you start running, and with “I Know My Tempo,” you hit “Start.” If adjusting your tempo manually, you move your finger around the dial to the left to make the beat slower and to the right to make it faster.

I did my runs with I Know My Tempo and set them to what my running coach would like me at for my speed work which is 180.  I have to say for my speed workouts I loved having the tempo as it really helped me to hit my paces and tempo runs given to me by my coach. It was surprisingly easy to hit my paces with the music and tempo.  It may have been the first time since hard core marathon training this has happened. The app does sync to Strava as an option. I did not use this since my Garmin does this for me but if you do not yet have a smart watch or forgot to charge your watch the app can upload for you (handy backup).




The current free version has 25 songs.  I loved the music, cue “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, ““It’s Tricky” by Run DMC. They’re working on expanding their playlist so don’t worry about it being limited. I did find that having the same songs on the current free version reminded me of the Chicago marathon when I had 6 songs on repeat due to a music app fail (cue rock my run). Weav is rolling out much more music in the new year that many pros took advantage of and beyond loved the artists and playlists (I was limited by phone storage at the time of Beta testing.) I will say how the playlists are put together makes running fun and easier if possible during speed work. According to the founder he said it is the endorphins that come from running with the beat of the music.  Whatever it was it was pleasant for how hard the work was.


As BibRave Pros, we were also given access for beta testing of a not-yet-released feature of the app that will allow for interval training. It’s still being worked on. I haven’t tried this yet (along with the new music because my phone storage and updates would not allow for it at this time). The app also now works with the Apple Watch



Weav also is hosting a  #WeavPR, which starts January 1st- February 14th you can pick run your first 5K or run your fastest 5K.  You can win prizes including a Strava premium membership, Lulu lemon gift card or air pods!


Ready to download the app and give it a try? It is still free currently to try.  Find the app and more information at run.weav.io



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