June 21, 2017


I am officially into week 4 of the marathon training program.  You would think by now I would have my routine down but with my daughter’s school year just ending today and trying to log a number of Pilates hours I definitely do not feel like I am in a routine yet.  With the very warm temperatures the last few weeks I have gotten up earlier and earlier to get my runs in.   When the alarm has gone off I have thought “why am I doing this?” on numerous occasions.  Of course, once I am up and out there that thought has gone from my mind.  Truth be told, regardless of marathon training I would still have to get up early in the summer to complete any type of workout due to childcare restraints. 


This past Saturday, I got up extra early because of the impending storms and had to complete my 8 mile run before my spouse needed to leave for work.  I checked my weather app and it indicated there was an 85% chance of storms starting at 6 am and the radar was already various shades of green.  Rain is fine for running but storms are not.  I decided to postpone my run until Sunday morning.  After lying back down and not being able to fall asleep I decided to get up at 6 am and give it a go.  I quickly put on my clothes and was ready to leave when my husband pointed out it was pouring.  Again, I decide not to run.  Somehow, the weather prediction was wrong.  It did rain for a short period of time but the storms never materialized.  I was so crabby the entire day.  I felt like a failure not completing my scheduled workout.  My family could not stop commenting about my foul mood.  I of course got up early on Sunday and completed the necessary miles in cooler temperatures and less humidity.  However, Sunday is my prescribed rest day.  I should have already gotten my run in!   The reality of it is that I probably made the better choice to wait and complete a successful run but someone needs to explain that to my anal-retentive self. 


Tomorrow, I will be attending my early morning speed training group.  I loved everything about this group last year-  the people, coaches, location, time, proximity to my house…  However, the location has changed, it is further from my house, and the people are not the same.  I am sure you can guess how I feel about this.


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