May 24, 2017

I finally made a decision… I again registered for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.  I seen a post from a previous Lurie Children’s Hospital fellow teammate regarding her daughters ninth birthday and the five heart surgeries she has endured over the years and I thought if this poor child has gone through so much I can run 26.2.  


My husband knowing me better than I know myself has been telling me from the minute I crossed the finish line I would be tackling another marathon.  My daughter on the other hand has not be as supportive.  She claims she is worried something may happen to me.  She is only 8 but a sensitive little girl so who am I to question her feelings?  Last night we attended the marathon kick-off party.  After the presentation and tour I think Mia understands why my running and raising money and awareness is so important. 


With training starting next week I promise myself I will be a little more lax about the whole process this year.  Yes, I will still get my training runs in and watch for injuries, and document nutrition but I hope to not stress about it as much or let it consume my life as it did last year. 


Besides, with Aubrene running her first marathon at least we will have each other to commiserate with, right? 


Good Luck to everyone out there starting their training for a fall race!



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