To Run or Not to Run?

March 31, 2017

This is the question that is currently plaguing me on a daily basis.  Should I sign up for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon or should I not?  The problem is that my decision and thought process changes daily, even by the minute at times. Does this mean I really do not want to commit or maybe I am just over thinking it? 


In honor of the 40th anniversary of the event the race lottery opened up in November 2016.  This was definitely too soon after just completing the marathon in October to make a decision.  I like to say the whole process is like a bad break up with a boyfriend.  Eventually, you end up forgetting why you broke up but it definitely takes time.  About 6 weeks ago is when I started to change my tune.  Missing the lottery was not a big deal for me because I already decided any subsequent marathon will again be run for Lurie Children’s Hospital Team.  So I decided I should check with them to see if there were still openings.  I figured that would make my decision for me.  Nope, still openings.  Next, I thought I should decide by my birthday.  Well my birthday has come and gone and again no decision. 


Any good type A person has logged all of the pros and cons, right?  I may have not written them down but they are definitely in my head.


Pro- Run

  1.  I just need to run a marathon again so I can correct any mistakes I made last time.  I will be a more seasoned participant!

  2. Training was not that bad, right?  My husband tells me the worst part was having the alarm go off so early multiple days a week.  How much beauty sleep can a guy need?

  3. All the Pilates training will make me stronger.

  4. I still do not have a real job.

  5. I just like a routine.  I like the set training schedule, I like worrying about what I am eating or not eating.  I may complain about it at times but really, I just like the routine.

  6. I will be sad come June when I see the other athletes start the training program and I will be really sad in October as the race approaches.

Con- Do not run

  1. Do I really have enough time to commit?  The Pilates certification program has taken over my life. 

  2. Is it fair to my family to commit to the training two years in a row?

  3. What if all the Pilates actually taxes my body and I get injured?

  4. What if the weather is horrible this summer and fall?

  5. I will not be sad getting up for training runs July-September.

The truth is I really do not know what I am going to decide.  I have brief moments where I think I should just get on the page and register but obviously something is holding me back.  I only have two weekends left of Pilates classes so maybe that will help me make a decision.  I can definitely say I have changed my mind a few times while writing this post. 



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